About Haqsons Group

Always Goal-Oriented and Focused

Client-focused and results-driven, Haqsons Group is defined by its world best services and expertise.

Who We Are

In 1971, the Haqsons Group, led by Chairman Mr. Choudhry Muhammad Sana ul Haq who initially laid the groundwork for a novel idea of businesses.

He was able to extend the empire he had established into the influential regions of East Asia, South Asia, Africa, Europe, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the Middle East because of his unshakable devotion, sheer willpower, and visionary leadership.

Haqsons Group has achieved success in creating a reputable and trusted name that is now recognized throughout the world by operating under 12 subsidiaries and excelling in the fields of Mobile Trading, Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Real Estate Industry, Dairy & Meat Products, Forged Steel and Finished Steel Goods, Construction & Civil Engineering, Investment Management, and Award-winning Brokerage Services across the globe.


We Are Champions of our Fields

Our team of professionals includes the world’s leading leadership, leaders, managers, and employees. Together, we coordinate to bring a genuine response to our clients and customers’ need. We strive to give the best to our valuable clients with an extreme expertise that you will not find such anywhere else.

Emad Haq

(Vice Chairman- Haqsons Group)

He is the beacon of the Haqsons Group of companies. With a background in luxury Automobiles and property investment, having spent more than 25 years in Dubai business community, Mr. Emad spent a lot of time studying the culture of Dubai and to align the groups vision with that of the rulers of UAE. “I only sell my clients’ the product, service, and property if I deem it fit to buy for myself”

Saad Haq

(Group CEO – Haqsons Group)

With years of international property investment background, he is very instrumental in the upward drive of the group to ensure H&S achieves great success whilst maintaining an excellent service standard. His development-focused ethos has seen H&S soar through new ventures and developments and projects both in UAE, Pakistan and more. “We don’t just sell services, and properties, we sell dreams!”

Fahad Haq

(CEO – H&S Real Estate)

He is the visionary behind H&S Real Estate’s growth in the region. Under his leadership, H&S has become the top-ranked property investment company in the UAE. His philosophy of collaboration over competition percolates through all levels of the organization. “H&S places customer happiness, confidentiality and investment protection above everything”

To Inspire Leadership

Our Mission

Our guiding principle has always been one of constant development and progress across all our enterprises and areas of work.

We strive to meet the demands of our cherished clients regardless of their location by providing top-notch services, committed personnel reinforced by visionary leadership.

Our mission is to inspire leadership by providing the best opportunities for advancement and recognition across our companies. We believe that leaders are created, not born; therefore, it is crucial to create systems and environments that encourage leadership development. We believe that success breeds success; so we encourage our employees to be engaged in the community and seek ways to support our mission.

The Pinnacle of Success

Our Vision

In all of our business areas, we strive for the highest levels of achievement and economic growth while upholding our moral principles.

Our vision is to surpass expectations and become the world's top provider of the best services in respective industry of our businesses.

At Haqsons Group, we strive to be one of the leading groups in the markets. We're focused on introducing new and developing initiatives as our industry grows around the world.

Awards & Achievements